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teenagersCo-parenting can be a challenging dynamic for couples who have separated or divorced. In fact, it is often the most difficult and contentious conflict that couples face. Often, when parents can’t decide what is best for their children, it is left in the hands of the court to make those decisions.

Children benefit greatly from parents who are able to display civility and respect towards one another. This type of relationship provides children with a sense of safety and normalcy. When parents are effectively co-parenting, children more readily accept the often difficult changes that come with 2 households.

Co-parenting requires maturity, flexibility, and the ability to move past the hurt and anger that often caused a relationship to end. With coaching, participants will:

  • Understand the businesslike quality of the co-parenting relationship
  • Learn self-management skills to reduce tension and conflict
  • Address the specific needs of the child/ren and determine how to best support and parent them
  • Learn how to focus on the present and let go of past hurts
  • Improve acceptance of the other parent, including how he or she parents differently
  • Have a safe place to resolve conflict without going to back to court
With over 16 years in private practice, I have worked with many families that are in high-conflict over children. Parents often feel dismayed and disempowered to have to resort to court orders as a means of co-parenting. The possibility of resolving these conflicts outside of a courtroom benefits everyone and saves families thousands of dollars.