Beyond right doing and wrong doing is a field. I will meet you there.    Rumi




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Monica Erdosh Relationship is an extraordinary calling to explore one’s higher self as well as a deep connection with another. Too often, couples lose their ability to admire and connect with their partners because of unresolved and unconscious issues that create disappointment and resentment. Couples therapy is an invaluable resource that can save a wounded relationship and can enhance and deepen a solid and secure one. One of the most rewarding and challenging forms of therapy, both for therapist and client alike, I love my work with couples. It is rich and deeply rewarding for all the participants.

My intensive training with Hedy Schleifer has transformed the way I work with and hold space for couples. Encounter-centered couples therapy incorporates the latest research in neurobiology with the deep work of learning to connect with your partner. My training with and on-going participation in Esther Perel's online educational salon offers the latest in research, current books and resources, and methodologies from the most respected experts in the field of couples therapy. Starting with a 2 hour session will allow you to understand this work and truly see each other in a new way filled with gratitude and curiosity. Whatever brings your relationship to this point, we will operate and work with this guiding principle: "A relationship is not a problem to be solved but an adventure to be lived." Hedy Schleifer