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Monica Erdosh Relationship is an extraordinary calling to explore one’s higher self as well as a deep connection with another. Too often, couples lose their ability to admire and connect with their partners because of unresolved and unconscious issues that create disappointment and resentment. Couple’s therapy is an invaluable resource that can save a wounded relationship and can enhance and deepen a solid and secure one. One of the most rewarding and challenging forms of therapy, both for therapist and client alike, I love my work with couples. It is rich and deeply rewarding for all the participants.

Drawing from many different influences, including John Gottman, Ph.D (The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, 1999), The Couples Institute (Bader and Pearson, Menlo Park), and Dan Wile’s Collaborative Couple Therapy, I believe that the foundation of a solid and healthy family starts with the relationship. Getting in touch with your expectations—and your disappointments—will allow you to face and work through many of your negative feelings. You and your partner will start working on obtaining the necessary tools to feel confident that you can work through anything.